June 27, 2011


Usually -- actually, in all cases save one -- remarks and comments here about my postings have been civil, insightful, profound, and a welcome recognition of my pedestrian efforts. I am extremely grateful when you stop by and are motivated to add your wisdom and humor to my pathetic bleating.

I have even had a dissenter or two. In fact, I remember one guy who started out life here as a troll and we became very friendly when I told him that his remarks were very constructive, welcome, and the only problem I had with him was that we disagreed.

Recently, I went to moderated comments because another troll -- a real one -- posted comments I considered offensive and, frankly, tasteless. In case you were wondering, here is a sample of this cretin's handiwork:


Goddamn Nigger-rigged the economy! It was perfect when Bush (A WHITE MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE!) and now thanks to his niggernomics the USA is all niggered-up!

I suppose it's a mark of progress that morons like you hide your racism but it still smack of cowardliness.


That was actually a little milder than the other comments he made. At first, I tolerated it and even had some fun at his expense, nicknaming him "Sewage". But it readily became apparent that he had nothing to say, said it crudely, and had no redeeming literary flair whatsoever. So, since I was relatively busy and could not attend to this blog on a regular basis, I elected to moderate the comments rather than let this guy's verbal defecations remain for days before they were cleaned up.

However, part of the fun of visiting a blog is to be able to make a comment and have it appear contemporaneously with the others posted. Many of you have blogs I visit and you are remarkably kind (and swift) to approve of my witless blather.

Well, I was away this weekend and I just now noticed that TCL left a moderated comment I failed to approve. For that tardiness, good lady, I am heartily sorry.

So, I am going to ride herd on unmoderated comments again and -- I assure you -- if the cretin shows up, his remarks will be dumped irrespective of content. But I do not want to penalize the rest of you for this kindergartner's puerile blather.

Our blogs are, for all intents and purposes, like our homes. Polite guests are welcome again and again. But no one pulls that guy's crap in my house and gets invited back.



  1. I moderate. It's probably a control issue.

  2. Madam,

    No. It's not.

    It's a choice we can make and, as I said, over at your blog, it's your home and you make the rules. My obligation, when I visit your home, is to comport myself politely and ensure that I will be welcome back. (Also, to express coherent opinions.)

    Juvenile, incoherent, racial-epithet-spewing, mirror-fogging, mouth-breathing troll rage-boys who behave like dope-smoking, beer-soaked, acne-infected frat rats get the ban hammer..

    ..now and on into the foreseeable eternity.