June 13, 2011

Not a bump in the road..

A new ad by the Romney campaign:

It's pretty good because Romney goes after Obama and not after the other Republicans he will be facing in the primary. Of course, others think there's room for improvement:

Not bad.

I would have finished it off by having the people mowed down by a speeding purple bus while the driver (who looks suspiciously like PBHO) tosses out a slurpee cup to bounce off the bodies.

Bishop on June 13, 2011 at 2:19 PM

I am not necessarily voting for Romney -- I am waiting until the field is filled out and, obviously, for the California primary to eventuate -- but if he's the nominee then I am not only voting for him, I am working for him. Actually, if there's a primary challenger for Obama, then I might vote for the Dem challenger. (California passed an open-ballot primary initiative in 2010.) God, would that be delicious, to have Hilary win California? Deal with that, Chicago Jesus!

A lot of people say Romney would be worse than Obama and I disagree. I think a two-day-old ham sandwich would be better than that sack of crap.



  1. Not fond of Romney, but I would vote for Elmer Fudd before I'd vote for Obama... At least he knew how to hunt wabbits...

  2. Romney is a RINO, but if the Primary Voters give him the nod for 2012 then he'll be my candidate. A ham sandwich is better than the Pantload.