June 27, 2011


..I'd rather be in Philadelphia.

Allahpundit over at Hot Air reports that the Dinner with Barack raffle was flagging. Seems they added Joe Biden to the guest list. Allah observes:

This feels like the punchline to a joke. “First prize is dinner with the president. Second prize is dinner with the president and Joe Biden.” Is there any American anywhere — Dover and Wilmington included — who was planning to pass on this contest but, now that Biden’s in the mix, is ready to pop for five bucks to enter?

Remember this post by Scooter about the GOP alternative contest?

..if you contribute to the GOP, they'll guarantee you DON'T eat with Obama ~~ and, presumably, they're willing to extend the offer to include this latest DNC soiree with the dirty duo.

It's starting to smell of desperation, frankly.

DESPERATION TIME UPDATE: Seems this sort of thing started a while ago. Remember the recent half-empty rally, Chicago Jesus held in Florida? Hall of 2,000 and only 990 showed up? (I owe you a link.) There's also this high school graduation speech raffle that turn up short back in March.


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