June 11, 2011

Draining the sewer..

Well, it seems that Pelosi and Debbie Blabbermouth-Shitz are calling for the Weiner to pull out:

Sorry for my friskiness above but, with the 853rd double entendre headline on this event, I could not resist. Besides, if he is -- ahem -- leaving then I wanna make hay while the sun shines.

Tony the Weiner has also lost the support of the gratingly obnoxious DNC chaircreature as well. By the way, do they both look like they are the separated-at-birth spawn of The Creature from the Green Latrine?

Does anyone else have nightmares about this pair locked in the throes of sexual bliss? Both gratingly annoying, their passion cries at the moment of truth must seem like two jackdaws in mortal combat over the dessicated rind of a day-old ham sammich.

..hey, what'd ya expect over here? George Will or Mark Steyn?

This is a low budget production and I go for cheap thrills whenever possible.


  1. I hope you were cheaply thrilled ... I know I was.

  2. ..as I said, Odie, cheap thrills area away of life for me..