October 25, 2016

You're not gonna like this..

..but you're going to like this.


No not THAT, this: more poll dancing and an alternative source of information.

I stumbled on this guy -- Styxhexenhammer -- a while ago and instantly appreciated his dry, droll, monotone screeds. And, since there is a spate of posts on polling here on HG, I thought I would post one of Styx's recent videos on that subject. The background on this is that Styx (as I like to call him) has gathered a substantial following over the past three months because he is a liberal anarchist basically backing Trump. And we have bought into his analysis because it mainly steers us between the twin disasters, the Scylla and Charybdis of rosy optimism on one hand and the dreary, gloomy trolling of the #Nevertrumpers on the other.

Basically, he traffics in reality. But he also hates Hillary and anyone who holds those sentiments is aces in my book.

So, in his previous video, he "made a prediciton" that Trump would win IF THE FOLLOWING HAPPENED..and his following blew up in frustration and caterwauls of "but you promised" and various other invective. So he posted this one to enlarge on his prediction and clarify his prediction:

None of his assertions, however, refute the fact that Clinton and the MSM are actually rigging the polls. Northwest Conservative's summary of the ZeroHedge oversampling still rings true. It is a good primer on how these things are done. To which I must add: the polls are biased because the MS is commissioning them and need something to drive their media mantra. Styx goes into detail explaining that his prediction was NOT based on the rigged polls or the supposed hidden voter turnout or other reasons, but rather that he says Trump is within striking distance and that he will probably have one (or more) of three stink bombs drop for Hillary that may slide the election his way.

And I am fine with that. Not happy that he din not "predict" an Earth-moving landslide, but content in knowing what needs to fall into place in order for us not to be facing FOUR TO EIGHT YEARS if that evil, corrupt witch. In fact, I am more than comfortable in Trump running from behind in most polls -- rigged or not -- because it is a stronger position and I'd rather have my enemy in my sights as opposed to having them at my back. (Of course, having them so-o-o-o-o far back as not being in my rear view would be the most preferable.) But, if the big three -- WikiLeaks, O'Keefe, or Cernovich coming up with the 33,000 emails -- fail to unseat Clinton then we must consign ourselves to the fact that NOTHING would have convinced the mouth-breathing, mirror-fogging trolls..

..and prepare ourselves for the revolution.

"That's about it. Peace Out"

The War Planner


  1. I still think that Trump has the edge, no matter what the mainstream media says.