October 7, 2016

Fish Heads

The fish rots from the head down, as the saying goes. A recent article by Paul Sperry of the New York Post rips the scam off the festering wound that is the Clintoon email scandal. What is underneath ain't pretty. (Entire article here.)

Like others, I was disappointed that Assange did not drop the hammer on Clintoon earlier this week. But uunlike so many others, I was not angry. Let's face it, the guy is in mortal danger. His attorney, noted human tights attorney John Jones, QC, died under mysterious circumstances back in April of this year and Assange has been sweating bullets in the Ecuadorean embassy in London.

..and anyone who could screw with the FBI and pervert its mission surely could make wet work of some guy sitting on career-ending evidence of corruption and scandal.

Besides, the stuff piled up on this raggad cunt's misdeeds amounts to a truckload of manure. what's a couple of more shovel loads?

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