October 5, 2016

Death of a Horndog..

Guess this will be the next-best-thing to an obit for this dickhead. (As you can see, time has not dulled my enmity for Clinton.) It would seem to be true for others in this land. They are -- more and more -- turning up at his talks, not to praise him but, as the Shakespearean line goes, to bury him.

Apparently, he's taking a sentimental bus trip across Ohio to stump for The Dickless Clinton, Frau Colostomy Bag, and is meeting with a less-than-warm reception en route. Here are pictures of the outpouring of love as purloined form Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit site.

..and, in what must be the most heart-breaking (or heart-warming) shot, here are one of his "throngs" shoe-horned into a janitor's closet at some junior high school along the route.

And a middle schooler and her father put together this video of the massive protest waiting Bill Clinton in Ohio.

Pathetic. The Clinton bus trip, not the video!

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  1. Those people protesting Clinton are despicable members of the "vast right wing conspiracy" that Slick Willy warned us about.