October 12, 2016

MORE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: A peak into the future..

Benedict Arnold is the one on the left; the one on the right is the sniveling modern-day wannabe.
Previously, I wrote that the defeat of Donald Trump could be blamed on the Dem party, the mainstream media, the Clinton campaign, and the turncoat GOPe. Of these four, two are arguably vile and sinister: the MSM and the GOPe.

As for that squishy sack of woe from the first congressional district of Cheeseland, he can rot in the nether regions for all I care. As stated in a previous post, if he engineered this rebellion and did so to get Trump out of the way and set himself up as the White Knight that will save the GOP, then one cannot imagine any flight of fancy so ill-conceived or pathetically implemented. By doing this, he has earned the unrelenting enmity of all ordinary, hard-working citizens who looked to Trump as their only salvation against the culture of corruption and cronyism that Ryan revels in.

Clueless, out of touch, and almost universally hated, I see him falling from grace, falling from office, working as a sleazy K Street lobbyist and then heading back to Cheeseland to live out his life in ignominy behind the walls he had erected at taxpayer expense.

As I said, would not a terminal case of the clap be too much to ask, oh Lord?

Happily, as a result of a Trump defeat, while Ryan is gumming his Gruyère, the MSM will be moribund or so close to DOA by the time 2020 rolls around that they will be in the ER about 30 seconds when the docs "call it". Here's Styx weighing in on the anticipated demise of the MSM:

I completely agree that the current day MSM is loaded down with overhead and burdened with ponderous logistics. Styx -- and those of his ilk -- will be far more agile, mobile, and hostile that, say, the reporters in the field or on camera requiring an infrastructure to spew their banalities into the ether or along some stretch of buried coaxial cable. By contrast, EVERYONE has or will have a computer, smart phone, tablet or some other similar receptor and can use the interwebs to receive these "pirate underground broadcasts"

And who knows what the technology will be like in two-three years?

Before the death rattle commences, however, perhaps it is not too far amiss to speculate that the tapes they found on Trump was the only things they could dig up. Perhaps they realized that they were staring down a presidency Reaganesque proportions wherein power is derived from the people as opposed to a handful of sclerotic geriatrics with on hand on their own privates and the other hand on the public till. This would offer the media no foothold, no purchase on their hit pieces. Like the Gipper, any critical article of Trump would be seen by the public as left-wing hatred and jealousy. So, perhaps this backing of Clinton is also an effort to guarantee themselves a rich harvest of stories involving scandal, corruption, and political intrigue.

Anyway who knows and who cares what goes on in their puerile, fetid little minds. I am sure that it will become a feeding frenzy of the MSM and Hillary as they both wade through the river of sewage that is federal government politics and I am laying in pallets of Orville Reddenbachers and Tecate in anticipation of them ripping each others' innards out and their blood spilling on the Coliseum sand.

There already are these folks that Styx talks about who are the new pundits. The guerrilla army of warriers who travel fast and light, hit quick, and disappear into the ether. We old folk with our big screen TVs and cable boxes are a dying breed and turning the 60-incher into a big computer display screen means we are only a step away from selecting what we wish to hear and see as opposed to what dinosaur cable channels feed us. Expect FNS to continue their leftward drift as the two sons of Murdoch endlessly masturbate over pictures of Megyn Kelly in those garish, frightful bra-and-garter-belt outfits, hoping against hope that that dyke in six-inch platform heels will flash enough beaver to be the salvation of their foundering network.

Cue Sharon Stone.

The alphabets, FNS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC etc. will be abandoned in droves I believe as, ironically, Trump spots the huge yawning vacuum of conservative/common citizen and starts TNN -- Trump News Network -- sprinkling it with such pickoffs as Hannity, Lou Dobbs, maybe the terminally self-referential Bill O'Reilly and others who generally have things interesting to say TO THE COMMON MAN without insulting intelligence, principles, and beliefs. If Trump is smart, maybe Alex Jones, and his Info Wars efforts, Paul Joseph Watson, Steve Molyneux, Mark Dice, Cernovich and even such off-the-wall counterculture rebels like Styxenhammer666 will be given a shot at the Klieg lights. In fact, we're probably looking at a phenomenon similar to Drudge's model: video blogging and commentary aggregaters.

Now, I'd buy that for a buck. Sure beats the skippy out of watching the interminable laxative, denture, and Depends ads on Fox.

Well, I am just about played out on this subject for the moment. We will see more this time next year. So, as Styx is wont say:

"That's about it. Peace out!"

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