October 3, 2016

Read my lips..II

Maybe this will be the final dropping of the final shoe in this matter of DJT's "Tax Problems". From BB:

Original Forbes article is here.

I cannot help but relish this and another Clintonian/Media "shoot yourself in your dick" moments. For not only has this shown that they are as stupid as we thought they were but also that this completely takes the "release your taxes" gambit off the table. Now maybe they will shut up and stick to CAMPAIGN issues that American working stiffs are interested in.

Here is Mike and Molyneux's primo rants on the subject for your listening pleasure again:

Enjoy..because I sure as shit am.

1 comment:

  1. Progs are too simple to understand this. It's a lot like Barack's announcement to America that "you didn't build that" --- the government did.

    Hillary hasn't had a non-government job, and went from dead broke to $200 million while working as SECSTATE....that's how she sees "work".