October 3, 2016

Boxers or briefs?

In what must have heralded the start of slouch towards Gomorrah, President Clinton (peace be upon him) was asked this during an MTV Q&A by some wistful, star-struck ingenue seeking to determine what covers the "Little Slick Willie".

As distasteful and indicative of the coarsening of our once-polite society as that may have been, the current kerfuffle over Donald Trumps's legal use of the tax code to use the carry-forward tax loss, seems to have stirred up many, many uncomfortable aspects of this for the so-called progenitors of the NYT's 1995 tax leak.

How about the following litany ~~ a scant subset of many, many more:

(1) Essentially takes the "show your tax returns" gambit off the table. (Bringing this up exacerbates the 33,000 emails offer.."What are you going to do if I don't show them to you? Steal them?")

(2) Puts the NYT and Mudslide Slim into the cross hairs for criminal prosecution. Dare they release any subsequent tax returns?

(3) Points out how not only Hillary but one in five companies avoid paying taxes.

(4) Unleashed category 5 blowback on them with such alarmingly clarifying tweets from the likes of Scott Adams (in no special order):

(You owe it to yourself to go over there and *luxuriate* in the warm pools of delicious, logical, Pro-Trump zinger-thought.)

(5) Shows a demonstrable ignorance of U. S. Tax Law and how businesses can take advantages of them to benefit their job-creating capability.

(6) Oh, and just when did this so-called nefarious activity eventuate? Exactly! Smack-dab in the MIDDLE of B. J. "El Humidorosa" Clinton's reign.

(7) Additionally, shows how Trump is a skillful and resourceful businessman and used the tax break to pull himself up by his own bootstraps, end a period of failures, and put himself on a paying basis for AT LEAST the next 21 years.

But, to get back to the original point, it seems that the NYT did a little investigation of their own into the Clinton's taxes and came up with, among other things, this unsettling item:

I'll just leave it at that and let the images of board-stiff, semen-encrusted Jockey™ shorts or the above-pictured soiled granny panties waft through your brain.

The mind reels!

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