October 26, 2016

My obligatory "Me Too" Project Veritas Post

Just got done watching this and, well, seems like this -- as folks have been saying -- is far too in the weeds for the mouth-breating proles. Confirms what we already knew about TCC (The Crooked Cunt) and her minions -- either direct or indirect hires. They are shady and corrupt and willing to wink at But no one will switch votes.

[Un]fortunately, James got the twenty large back with an expression by the scum who originally accepted it that "it may be an illegal foreign donation". So, unless I am missing something, it will just be another instance of Clinton and operatives slithering away while we try to nail Jell-O to the wall.

But it does tell us something interesting. (And it's at this time I wish I had a counseling session with my good friend and fellow cold warrior, LL, who worked for the clandestine three-letter government organ whose first letter was "C" and last letter was "A". He could add heft to my pathetic analysis.) Here's what I read:

Project Veritas is well endowed financially. No organization that takes twenty large from petty cash for bait is running on nickels and dimes. Short of being listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ, discretionary income of that size means they got a pretty good "quick ratio".

They are also are pretty clandestine and in this for th e long haul. Sure, sure, sure. I know they have been at work since essentially 2009 exposing the POTUS's crapfests, but it's a pretty dedicated operation to work moles into the DNC at such a high level. This takes time and guile. Maybe the DNC is not the smartest org on the planet but they are sure more crafty than the GOPe and their limp dicks. Plus there are a lot of crooks (Creamer is a convicted felon; ONe of HRC's staffers is the former Pennsylvania AG and is headed for the Greybar Hotel. And gthere are scads of other thugs on the payroll.

Project Veritas projects are complex. Buttressing the two above points is the fact that they have been at this for over seven years and that means that their staff is probably the size of a respectable company and that they have permanent people on staff. And that means salaries and the usual infrastructure that goes with it. (Retirement? Pension? 401K?)

So this is a serious effort and therefore I am led to believe that O'Keefe must have a few rounds in the chamber. In fact, I am certain of it. No one with his skill and incredible organization would drop this willy wilter with more than two weeks left to go in the campaign -- especially one where it involved an investment of $20,000 and the time and effort to get all those moles in place.

As the rumors have been persisting, I am willing to bet he's got on in the spout of HRC drunk off her ass, railing about the mongrel breeds and how they should be shining her shoes and serving her coffee, etc. I think that the only way he can bring down HRC via vote-switch is with the black and Hispanic vote. GWP has a rather confusing post on this but the takeaway is that Trump is on track to roll up a hefty, record-setting share of the black vote.

Well, we shall see what we shall see. If Clinton wins, I hope, at least, I get sent ot a re-education camp in a decent location.

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