July 18, 2016


There have been a shit-pot full of earth-moving events this past fortnight and -- as any sane and conscientious member of society who values the thin blue line that protects us from the hordes of Visigoths at the gates -- I weep when society's guardians die at the hands of domestic enemies.

Similarly, I chafe at the moral sewage that spews from the media and our elected officials. Latest case in point is this precious piece of hypocrisy from our asshole Lawn Jockey POTUS:

Personally, I cannot wait until this fool wanders off into the pages of history -- hopefully to be forgotten -- and ends up in some back alley off of Hotel Street in Honolulu with a hot shot in his arm and dresses in a feather boa, spangled, split-crotch panties, and 6-inch sequined platform heels.

In the mean time, just go play golf and have a steaming mug of Shut The Fuck Up!

1 comment:

  1. His term is coming to an end, and hopefully Trump/Pence prevail...or we're screwed.