July 28, 2016

Hurt Locker: General Bernie and the "GimmeDat" snowflake army sellout..

Marshaling resources and "scouring the bowels of the internet", I came across this marvelous piece on Beritbart trashing Bernie Sanders as being a life-long loser by Charles Hurt. Here are some excerpts but the entire piece screams to be read:
If you are going to start a revolution, you probably want to finish it. Either win or die trying. That is why revolutions are always so bloody. Whatever you do, if you start a real movement and then try to sell it away, don’t be surprised if you lose control. The problem with Bernie Sanders is that he has been a loser his entire political life. Sure, he has won a few elections. But in terms of vision and ideas, he has always been a failure.

During his quarter-century in Congress, Mr. Sanders has been viewed as something of a gadfly with Tourette’s syndrome. Always dressed like a homeless person shambling along the hallways, Democrats felt sorry for him and let him into their meetings. He looked like he needed a cup of coffee and free danishes.
While I reveled in the chaos being wreaked by this seeming rebellion, it was merely an analog for my "Exploding Heads" philosophy. That is, I first signed onto the trump Train as a device to lob the biggest, smelliest, most putrid stink bomb imaginable into D.C. and make those elected tyrants deal with it. However, as the campaign wore on and Mr Trump gained steam, I was curious to see what all the fuss was about.

Imagine my surprise when I got infected.

You see, Donald Trump - for all his billions - is one of us. He is a common man who is seemingly willing to sit down and have a beer with you and, if there is sufficient compelling reason for him to do so, either become interest and sympathetic to your lot in life or, alternatively, fire your ass but add a long lecture in so doing that, if adhered to, will make you a better person for the lesson learned. This was his M.O. on The Intern as he patiently explained to the person he was letting go the reasons for the firing. Anyone willing to take his advice to heart would profit from the experience.

The other side of the coin - becoming interested in the person, party, or group he is conversing with - he has demonstrated continually since he started his campaign. As he plainly explains in his press conference yesterday, he's got all the money he needs and is comfortably set for life but chooses to run for the presidency because he wants to give back and make this country great again. And he is clearly listening to the common folk on this one.

(And, yes, you can cynical all you want. But ask yourself honestly what does he have to gain? Would he put up with all the media bullshit and the crap that will be hurled at him by the Clintoons just because he's on an ego trip? Naw, mate, he's gone long past the time where this would cease to be amusing.)

Anyway, back to the Hurt article by Hurt:
And then, last year, after 25 years being part of the problem in Washington, D.C., lightning struck again. Bernie Sanders found himself in charge of a movement that would not stop building and spreading. It thrust him further and further into a powerful political position he had no business holding.

But, in the end, the system was rigged and then came defeat.

So there he stood, on the arena stage Monday night inside Wells Fargo Center, beside Lincoln Financial Field, across from Citizens Bank Park, addressing the Democratic Party and telling his followers to quit their carping and get in line behind the lying, cheating, self-dealing, big bank-loving, Goldman Sachs-speechifying establishment candidate.
So basically and all along, this craven old stookie was a stalking horse for the DNC establishment or a 42-buck-lateral misdirection play, or something and Ol' Bern didn't have the stones for the long haul. Now he's left the Democrat party and become an independent back in Vermont, gumming his Zwieback and drinking his warm milk contemplating his 15 minutes of fame and pondering what's left of his lonely, dank existence.

Hurt sums this up nicely:
He is like the guy they let out of prison who then realizes that he cannot handle the world outside. So he takes himself to the nicest restaurant in town, orders the biggest, most expensive meal and then refuses to pay the bill so they will come back after him and throw him back into jail. Where at least he knows he will always have a cot to sleep on and free meals three times a day.
His leaderless rabble army, however, soldiers on like so many out-of-work Ronin.

They are pissed and want to deal out some hurt to Clintoon and her contempt for them and for this country. The braver (and saner) among them will pull the lever for Trump realizing that this is the most effective way to put the stake through the old witch's heart. The rest of them will protest in less effective ways from not voting to casting a ballot for some unknown "noble" candidate but the net effect will be the same: it will be as futile as was their first love affair with some worthless, do-nothing old man with a limp dick and no money.

Hey, snowflakes, reality's a bitch.

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