July 25, 2016

Schadenfreude Lowlights

I am [currently] a working stiff but avidly following the absolutely delicious events at the DNC. And, believe me, they're coming hot and heavy and it's frustrating not to be able to add mu thoughts on these events but I will catch up this week. I just have to make some observations as to the bouncing of that mayo-headed cunt, Debbie Downer-Washes-her-man's-shortz, out of the DNC chair and right into the loving arms of Hildabeast Rodram Clintoon.

Bounced..you know..as in booed off the podium and escorted from the convention by a security contingent. Seems she got her short-and-curlies entangles in the great WikiLeaks outwash last Saturday.

As Hillary will tell you, Debbie, e-mails are a bitch!

All this after this slut taunted Reince Priebus, asking him if he needed help running an orderly convention.

The shit storm gong on tin the city of Brotherly Love is sure a calm, peaceful interlude and a welcome change form the solid three minutes of booing of Ted "It's all about me" Cruzifiction after his twenty minute suicide note last Wednesday. (Hope the fuckign asshole dies and goes to hell with a hard-on.)

But the truly delicious morsel is that all of the #NeverTrump folks are melting down as the DNC melts down, basically seeing their vision of an "I told you so" Clintoon victory over Trump.

One of the more delectable tidbits is Bill KristolMeth's puerile pissy little tweets:

To which I wittily reply, "Fuck you and the ass you rode in on, you festering pile of shit."

Clear enough?

I thought not.


  1. You're not being clear. You're parsing your words. How do you REALLY feel?

  2. Yeah, WP. LL's right - don't sugar coat the topic, and put a happy face on it, let's put you down as a 'maybe' for signing up as a Hillary supporter.

    But seriously, I can't help myself in diving head first into the Schadenfreude deep end. I absolutely love it when this awful harpie, Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz, craps all over herself. Talk about karma. She was long overdue in getting slapped down as the asshole she turned out to the world to be.

  3. ..hey, hey, hey! Ease up guys! I have been slaving over a hot work station all day!

    (But good to hear from you both -- as always!)

  4. Put him and George Will in the same cage and throw peanuts at them.