July 27, 2016

Dem Job Opportunities!

Seems like the DNC is creating some serious jobs programs already. first some background:

So, right in the middle of Clintoon's roll call for the nomination when the Bernie Sanders' people realize their man just got flushed (mainly because the hag gave him a 60-grit sandpaper hand job), there's the biggest exodus since all the R. O. P. goat humpers started pouring into Merkel-land leaving the Verizon Arena with a big empty. How to avoid the embarrassing camera shots? Well, here's what the geniuses came up with, I shit you not!

So there it is. You get $50 for about five to six hours' work and no dinner break. Those of you out there with your calculators or slide rules should see that this is around $10 per hour -- or less.

Exit question: what ever happened to the $15 minimum wage?

Party on, Garth!
Party on, Wayne!

1 comment:

  1. I WILL NOT watch that love fest tonight (Hillary and the MSM). Me thinks the coronation is having a wee bit of trouble.