July 14, 2016

"Hah there, ah's yo new neighbor" -- The Schadenfreude Edition

Once said to be the seven most feared words in Newport Beach, California (or any other walled-off rich white person refuge), it can certainly apply to that hapless, fawning, piece of crap libtard, George Clooney, (hereinafter, cLooney) and his lib lawyer wife.

You see, they have this POSH £7.5 million hovel up on the fashionable shores of Lake Como in Italy. They spend about four months a year there and they spend 12 months a year running their mouths about how we should all take in more and more goat-humper refugees from the land of baked enamel camels. Here Paul Joseph Watson unloads on this sanctimonious prick in one of his best rants:

Well, now it seems that the Daily Mail is reporting that the pigeons have come home to roost, as it were.

George Clooney's wealthy neighbours in the Alpine beauty spot of Lake Como say their Italian idyll is being ruined by the influx of hundreds of migrants to a makeshift camp on their doorstep.

The picturesque area is best known as a hide-away for Clooney and a multitude of other Hollywood A-listers includ Brad Pitt, wife Angelina Jolie, and pop superstar Madonna.

But a clamp-down by Switzerland on illegal immigrants entering the country from Italy threatens to turn this chic resort into a frontier town overrun by the homeless and desperate.

Now, I am just grinning from ear to ear as I shovel a huge slice of schadenfreude down my yawning gullet. To say that these rich bastages and their rich bitches and bitchettes are taking a huge bite of crap sandwich over the swarm of locusts that threaten to blight their idyllic mountain hideouts is the understatement of the year.

But ya gotta have pictures to really appreciate how the A-Rabs and camel drivers are driving down the property values.

Some of the lads hanging out, waiting for lawn mowing jobs?

Willie and the Poor Boys of CCC fame?

That shit sure does pile up, don't it?

Now here's the hard one. Is this a Lake Como denizen or a refugee?

cLooney's palatial  digs on the water

..and some of his neighbors getting ready for an enchanting evening.

..and the neighborhood is going to the dogs. 

From the Daily Mail: "Hopes: Ossas, 39, from Nigeria, said: ‘We want a new life in Italy but we have to move on because Italy often does not accept us as refugees. ‘We have all claimed asylum here in Italy but 90 per cent of claims are refused."
..looks like cLooney's and other homes will be on the market pretty soon. Betcha you can pick up a bargain for well below the prevailing rate but I would caution haste because Switzerland might re-open their borders soon.

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  1. Having the sand monkeys move in is almost like having a swarm of locusts arrive, except that they just shit where they eat and breed. The locusts move on after they've destroyed a place but the Muslims like to stay in the hopes of generous welfare benefits.