July 23, 2016

Some random thoughts..

.. while waiting for the Southern California heat to break. I posted this over at Hot Gas and wanted to save it for posterity here. Much over the Clinton pick of Citizen Kaine for her running mate.

..o.k., just stopped by to pick up the empties, clean out the ash trays, and take out the trash. (Also, I need to see if you folks left any beer in the fridge.)

But I had a few thoughts.

Firstly, and I'll probably work this into a blog post, but how can one characterize as "dark" a speech about returning a once-proud nation to its former glory by enforcing its laws, making its legislators and judiciary (and citizens) take the principles enunciated on its Constitution seriously, fight for the poor, weak, downtrodden, and restore its prestige among other nations?

Secondly, if Hillary Clinton is so f**king thrilled about her choice as a running mate, why did she treat the announcement like a Friday night document dump?

Thirdly, who else thinks this choice is indicative of Hillary Clinton purposely tanking the race because she just wants the pardon?

Fourthly, what does this sluggo bring to the ticket EXCEPT Virginia?

..and lastly, given the eeyore-ishness and anti-Trump banality of the posts by Poppin' Fresh [Ed Morrissey] and AllahPhallus [anonymous Dead Air blogger], wouldn't they be wise to PAY ATTENTION to those work-from-home-and-earn-thirteen-large-per-month spam comments? I mean, the way that blog is going, they might need alternative sources of income.

Alrighty then! I see that there's a cold bottle of Dos Equis in the back behind the milk and OJ; I'll just help myself and be on my way.

Stay thirsty my friends; I got a train I must parallel park.

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