July 29, 2016

Poll Dancing

O.K., this is all ripped off of Breitbart and I do not doubt for one minute the veracity of any facts contained therein. But it is an interesting tea dance that these assholes (the pollsters, NOT Breitbart) are engaged in.

Several days ago, Reuters reported a 17-point swing for Donald Trump Now today, they report that Clinton was Clinton edging Trump LARGELY BECAUSE OF A CHANGED METHODOLGY USED BY THEIR POLLING COMPANY. (Here is a link to the Reuters explanation for purists.)

Not to masticate this too overlong, it's plain to see what's going on:

(1) To create drama or because their original heuristic uncovered the real truth regarding the so-called "monster vote", Trump experienced the 17-point swing.

(2) The Reuters people went with it because they thought that the post-DNC bump would result in a magnificent lead for Clintoon.

(3) After that four-day crapfest called the DNC, the lead did not materialize and these clowns put out this "neither/other" bull shit so they could show a bounce for Clintoon.

The War Planner's immutable truth: polls are garbage. They are designed to stampede the mind-numbed, mirror-fogging proles (who they think we are) into the cattle pens for Hillary.

The real truth is being polled and reported to the candidates themselves and they are called the "internal polls". This can be discerned from such tells as the number of the times Bubble-Butt in the white virginal pantsuit clears her throat or does those 30-second petit mol double takes. Or by looking at what her campaign is doing versus what it should be doing if she is in a position of strength. And so on.


I thought not.

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