September 18, 2012

Paul Mirengoff, over a Powerline Blog, sucks on a lemon while he ruminates over "yet more" Romney gaffes:

For months, analysts have been trying to understand why Mitt Romney can’t take the lead against an unsuccessful and somewhat unpopular president. The best explanation I’ve heard is the one offered four years ago to explain Romney’s inability to gain traction against John McCain, who lacked wide popularity with Republicans — Romney has trouble connecting with voters.
But, as Romney concedes, his statement was “inelegant.” In this context, inelegant means damaging — damaging because it plays into the theme that Romney doesn’t understand or sympathize with ordinary Americans; damaging because it can be construed as writing off as parasites nearly half of the voting population of America; damaging because it therefore creates a new obstacle to Romney’s attempt to connect with ordinary voters.

This doesn’t mean the election is over. Romney is losing, but all is not lost. The election will be determined by the as yet undecided voters and by turnout among those who have a clear preference. Romney’s statement is unlikely to affect turnout. But it may well hurt him among the undecideds. If these voters held anything like the view Romney was trying to express, they wouldn’t be undecided.

In my view, undecided voters, to the extent one can generalize about them, are weighing Obama’s failed presidency against their sense that Romney doesn’t really care about ordinary folk. Romney’s inelegant statement reinforces their concern about Romney. But it does nothing to dispel their view of Obama. There’s reason to hope that, as is usually the case in presidential elections, concrete concerns about an unsuccessful incumbent will trump perceptions about the challenger.
To which I call Bull Shit. I am getting tired of the bed-wetting political punditry who look more to write some "lookie me" cutesy pie commentary. Below is my response.

Mr Mirengoff, et al, I weep for this country. We have truly morphed into a nation of American-Idol-Mouth-Breathing Mirror-Fogging bed-wetting idiots!

We spend four years ranting and raving about what a horror show Obama is and how the country will vapor-lock if this man is given another four years. The main reason evidenced for our assumptions is this fool's incompetence and lack of real-world executive experience.

And yet, a great number of those who wish to have this bum thrown out on his ass are now whining and moaning and grumbling because Romney does not provide "specifics" on what his plan is for the country if elected. Additionally, some criticize him because he does not speak up boldly enough and still others, in the wake of his two or three so-called gaffs -- including Mr Mirengoff -- chastise him because be spoke up too boldly.

May I humbly suggest, ladies and gentlemen, that you screw your courage to the sticking place, and (like George Romney advised his son) start acting boldly yourselves. You are all now beset by a fit of the vapors because you are not sure what Romney will do when elected. You  are afraid he won't be Conservative enough -- or perhaps too conservative or he can't connect with the people or whatever!

What a bunch of Coca Cola gas emitted by a bunch of flouncing Nancies.

Here's the deal: Romney IS specific. He has spent millions of dollars putting up a website outlining what he has in mind for this country. It's good and it beats the skippy out of what The Pantload outgassed at the D&C in Charlotte. Yet there are those who would feign ignorance. Go over there and read it like you would read the guarantee or the loan docs on a new car you are buying. Yeah, it's almost as important.

Also, Romney is a good man, he is a kind man, he is a charitable man. He has almost no blemishes when it comes to public and private life. Further, he is a competent man. He has been very successful in business as a chief executive. HE IS THE TYPE OF MAN WE NEED AT THIS TIME TO RUN THIS COUNTRY.

No, he's not going to be Sarah Palin nor Newt Gingerich nor Ron Paul (thank goodness) but neither will he be Barack Obama (thank goodness) and he will not even be Barack Obama Lite. (Thank Goodness!) He will probably run the U. S. like he ran Massachusetts.  And. Lord willing, maybe he will not have to deal with Harry Reid nor Nancy Pelosi, but he will have to deal with the hated Democrats because, let's face it, NOTHING is getting through congress these days. (Thank goodness!)

So it ain't gonna be the vaunted Conservative Nirvana we all have wet dreams about but it sure ain't gonna be the incompetent fresh hell we are living through now.

Right now, you got two choices: (1) sit on your ass, bitch about imperfection and let the sorry crapsack have four more flexible years or (2) get off your ass and work for a man who will start to cure our considerable ills and bring respect back to the presidency.


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  1. Amen..

    I don't think the voters are wetting their pants at all... but the pundits have zero ability to stick to the mission and stay focused on that.

    Yeah the Obama adoring media have been hurling their one side pmly triple A.. and yeah we've taken some minor hits..

    so what do the pundits expect?

    We knew it wasn't going to be easy.. knew the media would do their rabid pitbull attack dog for Obama worst.. did they expect we woyldn't need a new paint job after this?

    We're nearing the drop zone, and these Chicken Littles are going nuts in panic mode..

    They need to suck it up, and remember they have a pair.. damn..

    The media will proclaim we have already lost right up till the counting starts.. then as in 1980.. in 94.. they'll sit back STUNNED!!!!

    "We lied our best.. how could Obama LOOSE?"....

    "quick quick.. bring in the dem lawyers to muddy the vote count.. accuse Mitt of fraud.. yeah.. that's it".. and when it becomes a blowout they can't steal..

    They'll just say this is proof America is racist, just like they told us all summer, if we rejected their chosen socialist sock puppet...