September 27, 2012

Now there you go again..

Ronald Reagan famously used that gambit in the one and only debate he had with Jimmy Carter. It resonated and he went on to a landslide victory.

I am not whistling past the graveyard here, pipples. The poll-gate crap and media slant that is going on here is legendary. It's turned a lot of Romney supporters into bed-wetters. To which I respond, like the Bard, "Screw your courage to the sticking-place!"

Over on Powerline Blog, John Hinderaker writes, "Keep Calm and Carry On":
Romney himself, in the eye of the hurricane, has remained commendably calm. There is no sign that his confidence has wavered, no hint of a major change in strategy (despite the claims of some reporters), no indication of even a moment of panic. I don’t know what Romney’s internal polling is showing, but I suspect that he has confidence not only in his message but in the massive turnout effort that he and his supporters have been building. And, perhaps, in the voters. Americans are by no means infallible, but are they really dumb enough, or self-destructive enough, to want another four years of Barack Obama’s failures? Will 98% of African-Americans, in particular, vote for another four years of record poverty and unemployment? I don’t think so.

If Romney’s confidence proves misplaced, there will be time enough to contemplate how we can try to salvage America’s future. For now, conservatives need to stay engaged through the home stretch, supporting conservative House and Senate candidates like the Power Line Pick Six, doing our best to convince friends, relatives and co-workers to vote Republican, and, of course, turning out ourselves on November 6.
Someone commented in that post as follows:
"So people should be wary of making decisions on the basis of Rasmussen polling, while discarding the rest as biased or as oversampling democrats. Of course, we'll know the reality shortly enough."

To which I respond: so, like Romney's and Reagan's "Are you better off" question, no matter what the polls say, WILL YOU STILL VOTE FOR YOUR CANDIDATE (ROMNEY OR OBAMA) OR WILL THE POLLS CHANGE YOUR MIND?

I cannot conceive of any intelligent Romney supporter say to themselves, "Well, i see where Obama's election and four more years of this crapola are inevitable, so I might as well go along with the crowd."

Get real, folks. It's gonna come down to the debates and the last four weeks. Romney's got a pile of case; Obama does not. (He's got $7 million in the bank, a $10 million loan, and still owes $15 million on the D&C convention in Charlotte.).



I though so! See you at the polls.


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