September 22, 2012

Obama's Bloody Benghazi Flag

This comes from the blog -- Predictable History -- of the lovely and talented (and incredibly interesting) Hot Air commenter Resist We Much. Her work is incredibly thought-provoking and -- in this case -- moving.

She adds to her post  this gruesome graphic reminder of just how calculating and tone deaf this piece of festering vomit -- our Pantload™ POTUS -- really is:

UPDATE: I do not want to stint on my referrals to RWM's blog. Her post on the above bears visiting and reading. Also, it is proceeded by another post with some rather interesting -- albeit ghastly -- revelations concerning the desecration of Ambassador Stevens' body after his death. Hint: it ain't gonna endear you to Mooz-lems a whole helluva lot!

Thank you, RWM..

 ..and God Damn you to Hell, Obama!


1 comment:

  1. I think that the flag of the new ObamaNation is fitting and proper when you consider its origin.

    All the more reason to keep Barack around for four more years as leader of the free world...