September 20, 2012

Holding all the cards..

I posted previously about The Three Card Monty referencing the facts and innuendos that will be hurled at us in the next seven weeks.

Here is a more somber -- but beautiful -- piece about the meaning of a deck of cards sent to me by my long-time friend and high-school classmate, Tom Love:

..enjoy and God bless!



  1. Thank you that was beautiful !

  2. Oh... that reminds me of something.

    When I was in combat training at Camp Bullis Texas.. a raggedy assed Army post they rented out to the Air Force.. we'd just spent a day training, after an all night land navigation course.. map, compass.. pitch black moonless night, no lights, moving through some of Texas's meanest scrub desert, short tress, cactus..

    We were really tired.. miserably, our feet screaming from so many hours in our jump boots.. no more fresh socks even.. all we wanted was to finish the day.. and hope to make it back in time for a shower, a hot meal.. and the blessed relief of some rack time..

    Our training NCO called us to rally around him, and there was a Lt. Col. standing there.. an older man.. and as we got closer, saw he was a Chaplain... a Rabbi..

    We gathered around, and shouldered our weapons.. and as he asked us, were any of us Jewish,.. one young airman raised his hand.. Goldberg,.. we were never close, he was in a different squad.. and the Chaplain smiled, nobdy else?..


    That's ok my sons.. I forgive you..

    we laughed.. and he asked we bow our heads, and he began a prayer to God.. asking his blessing on the young men who had volunteered to fight for the nation of our birth, for the nation that was there to do good in the world..

    and his words kind of faded, as I wondered.. how many times.. going back two centuries, had the same moment.. a man of faith leading young Americans.. all different faiths, colors, creeds.. in worship to God, and asking his blessings on us, on them..

    and how many, had taken comfort in it, as I did..

    some.. the last words of comfort..

    but the moment to me, was eternal..

    different names, faces.. but all of us the same inside.. proud.. so proud.. and at the same time, sobered by the meaning,.. and the thought so many who preceeded us,.. hadn't made it home..

    The moment was fleeting, and then we filled our canteens at the water buffalo.. then broke into our squads to finish our patrol..

    it always stayed with me..

    and I wonder..

    but thanks.. I had lost my faith at 19, when my sister had died from bone cancer at 23.. I had exiled myself..

    That moment, with a Light Colonel.. a Rabbi.. had relit that candle inside me.. I started my return to my faith in God.. in Jesus.. you can never tell what will have a deeper effect on you.. that prayer, stayed with me..

    is still with me, though I can no longer remember his exact words..

    I know what I felt, the warmth of God touched me again.. and the years have only made that faith stronger..

    thanks.. somethings.. you don't forget..