September 11, 2012

Damn right, lady!

Comment of the day from Lily over at Hot Gas:

cane_loader on September 11, 2012 at 11:15 AM

My sentiments, exactly.

In order for Obama to win this election one must assume that the voters will overlook the state of the economy.

One must also assume that they are willing to “give him more time” to double down on the same stuff he has been doing.

People voted for Obama the first time because they were worked into a froth of anger toward Bush by negative coverage and anxious to believe the hope and change and start a new era of racial peace and harmony.

Has there been harmony? Peace? Economic recovery? No. There has not. Instead there has been acrimony, race baiting, mean-spiritedness, and as close to economic collapse as most people living have seen in this country.

And gas is close to 4.00 freaking bucks a gallon!!!! It was less than half that in 2008 and the media acted like it was the apocalypse. And even though the talking heads are careful not to mention it now, it’s not as if no one has noticed on their own without being told. And have you bought groceries lately?

Yeah people notice that everyone they know is working 3 part-time jobs, on food stamps and the husbands have had to go on disability because they haven’t been able to get a job in 3 years.

And what did Obama say to a nation waiting to hear what he was going to do with 4 More Years! “The election of 2008 was not about Me it was about You!” He BLAMED US! We are not worthy of his benevolent rule! Even Jon Stewart caught that vibe from him.

At this point, a return to the Carter years would be a best case scenario and no one is buying what he is selling. I don’t care what the pollsters say. They same the same thing every year.

Lily on September 11, 2012 at 11:43 AM

..nothing to add; she nailed it!


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