September 2, 2012

Getting their fill..

The prospect of the Democrats filling the 74,000 seat Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte on the final day of their de minimis convention will be an interesting one. As mentioned, I am depleted from my road trip, but there are some juicy points to be analyzed by this and I hope to do so with a good night's sleep. Look for updates.

Needless to say, however, I am salivating over the prospect of this Sword of Damocles hanging over this pathetic POTUS's head. If he fails to fill the venue, then it will turn out to be a book-end of embarrassments for his campaign that started off with an almost -vacant venue at the Ohio State basketball pavilion and one whose crowds have been so substantially less than his 2008 campaign that his handlers have argued that they were purposely limiting the crowd size.

On the other hand, if he DOES manage to fill the stadium, the story will be just how he managed to do it. Remember, the Ohio State fiasco was his opening campaign effort and he could not fill the 18,000 seat venue. One wonders what sort of inducements will be offered to his fans to drop by and listen raptly to his soaring rhetoric this time. And, don't you just know that the Right Wing Blogosphere will be all over the deconstruction of story.

Stay tuned. No matter what comes of this, the remark by Hot Gas commenter bayview is just too good to pass up:

UPDATE: As promised, I had another flash, sparked by another HG commenter, Big Mike:

Frankly, the prospect of that 75,000 seat stadium populated by a throng of fans with all of the wonderful characteristics of an OWS demonstration and a Chocolate City Katrina mob of looters is just too delicious to consider.


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