September 5, 2012

Owning up..

Revealing Politics canvassed the DNC attendees last night and asked how it felt to be owned by the government as the DNC video "The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To" maintained last night:

For the record, here is part of the original video:

I do not know about you, but I am absolutely terrified! I woke up this morning and, watching Stuart Varney on Fox Biz News, I realized that we are nothing more than the frogs who have been sitting in a pan of water for the last four years as the heat has been slowly and deliberately increased.

The economy tanking, 8% unemployment since the vaunted stimulus passed in 2009, labor force participation has sunk to a level not seen since the early 80s despite a growth in overall population, we are all headed for government controlled and mandated healthcare, more people are on food stamps than ever before in this nation, one of our major automobile companies has been bought out by the government who shafted non-union members while keeping union stooges' pensions intact, our tax money being distributed to crony capitalists with pay-outs to Obama handlers, a rampantly out-of-control DOJ perpetrating crimes and causing our citizens to be killed..

..and it goes on and on.

Then, finally, this ripping off of the mask at this farce of a clambake in North Carolina where the wife of the president tells us that it will take a little more time to effect change.

Yeah, you bloated-butt bitch, fundamentally transforming the once-land-of-the-free-and-home-of-the-brave into the second coming of the USSR is not exactly an overnight effort.

And, hell no, I do not belong to the government! It belongs to me!

We have just over 60 days until we right this ship and that will be our last chance. Four more years and we're cooked. Hope you all like boiled frogs' legs!


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