March 27, 2011

Full Circle for the Left..

It's getting a lot harder and harder for me to overlook the incredible hypocrisy of the Left who delighted in skewering George W. Bush on his post-Saddam-toppling speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln as it steamed towards San Diego in 2003.

The Samba-dancing-golf-playing-anything-but-serious POTUS put us into the war to free the Libyan Al Queda rebels from the death grip of Quadaffy Duck and then flies off to a vacation with the WIDE LOAD FLOTUS and family to tour South America starting with Rio. Rumors have it that in-laws and other hangers-on were part of the entourage. If any of you out there can offer up a link to add to this Presidential indulgence, I am all ears. (But, then again, so if The Pantload.)

With gas going through the roof, Japan mopping up from their tragic disasters, and his cobbled-together coalition of Euro-socialists, the U. K., and a handful of Arab city-states disintegrating, Telephone Tommy returns and utters his version of Bush's USS Abraham Lincoln pronouncement:

Click to embiggen

..yessir, folks, tougher and tougher for the Left to differentiate. So I am sure we will see the massive protests, the signs comparing Obama to Hitler, the chants of "Obama lied, towel heads died..", Code Pink up in arms over this clown, the media drumbeat, etc.

Instead  we get crickets..



  1. " the Libyan Al Queda rebels..."

    This touches directly on the next shoe that will drop. If - when we finally find out who the rebels really are - it turns out President WTF has expended American arms on Islamists/Jihadists - his regime is the one that's effectively finished. What are the odds Monday's big speech will identify who the rebels actually are? Pretty damn low, I would wager.

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  2. After all the talk in the run-up to the 2010 election and the GOP taking the House in that election one is left to wonder just WHERE THE F#$K ARE THEY!?

    All we get are little sound-bites, I WANT ACTION!

  3. Once upon a time there was a kingdom in the middle east. The people were stupid and brazen enough to take on their ruler and his army. The rest of the world watched in horror as the ruler and his army fought back ... how dare they. This religion and way of life is represented by the many countries in the region ... surely they will help the "Stupid" people. No? where are they?

    Alas, there are many caring and stupid people across the waters that will surely help. They stick their noses into everything because their leaders are kind and benevolent. One leader, known as the Pantload, is thought of in his own mind to be the Savior. Actually, he's know by his countrymen as an absolute "Piece of CRAP"!

    Thanks I needed that!