March 6, 2011

Plan to start to prepare to begin to commence..

 ..just got an e-mail from Newt Gingrich whom I do not dislike but am -- so far -- ambivalent to as my future leader. I think Newt did a great job back in the early 90s bringing turning the train-wreck Liberal Clinton presidency around. But then Bill got really skillful and did o.k. 'n stuff. I mean, except for groping a few interns, The Cohibatator would have been a better choice than our present-day King Doofus.

Anyway, Newt proudly announced to me that I and a few million others on his purchased e-mail list were in that inner sanctum, that tight coterie of those closest to his heart: the knock-out babe trophy wife up there and all that, don't he? (Remember  Mrs McCain?) Sure looks like a winner; the type of guy we want to flush The Pantload in 2012, right?

Well, pols do not tickle the electrons of your in box unless there's a reason to do so and here's the kicker:

I don't know if you can read that, but basically old Newt and his ravishing bride want me to advance them some folding green against the chance that he might throw his hat in the ring.

Say what?

Upon hearing this, my neighbor, Tim the Brit, told  me this morning about Spike Milligan (one of the Goons) announcing to the audience at one of his shows that he would like to read some of Byron's poetry..

..then after the smattering of applause died away, he continued, "..but then again, I shan't. After all he's never read any of mine at his shows." 

See me next January, Newt.


  1. War, Save your money for someone who can actually win let alone who is a conservative as that is what the people not only want but need.

  2. How long is it going to take for him to decide? Every election cycle it seems to be the same thing..."should I or shouldn't I"? For crying out loud, make up your mind, Newt. You can't do this back and forth if you ever get elected President. (Sometimes I wonder if people drag things on like this just to make the news.)

  3. ..Madam and sir, I am hesitating because of the indecision you speak of. Also, he seems to cave when it comes to confronting libs.

    If it's a choice between Gingrich and Obama, I'm going for Newt but for the moment, he can bankroll his own adventures from all of the books he writes and plugs on the Hannity show.

  4. I have been receiving numerous political requests as well. Somebody blabbed about the mailing list.

  5. I haven't received any requests, and if I do I will FLUSH them. After the California "sort wanta runs" let me down ... well lets just say they can all kiss my posterior. All of my favorites aren't running, so I'll probably wait for a winner before I give one red cent. Newt can be quite RINOish when he wants to be.