March 15, 2011

Rising Sun..

Gentle reader(s), it's not that I am ignoring he terrible events in Japan, it's just that I cannot deal with writing anything that has not already been written or said or broadcast or written again or said again or broadcast again. Of course, Mrs War Planner is concerned over her friends and family -- who are, for the moment, safe and sound. But in the War Planner ancestral manse, we have the Japanese channel going night and day and the pictures and commentary (from the fragmentary Japanese I comprehend) is just too disheartening for me to add anything but sadness and despair over the people back in Seiko's homeland.

I will impart this brickbat: After all is said and done, it would seem that the biggest nuclear meltdown will probably be the hyperventilating drivel that the MSM is shoveling out there in an effort to stay abreast of one another in the ratings  war. Even Fox and Drudge are whoring themselves out. Adding to this, of course, is  that slavering pack of bleeding heart, AGW, nuke haters in the lib peace-creep media.

I pray that the reactors remain intact and no one is harmed by them. But, if anti-nuke people think that they can make a case for shutting down all power stations on the basis that a 40-year-old generating station two months from being retired survived the largest earthquake to ever hit Japan, the fifth largest in the world, a host of stunningly potent aftershocks, and a 1o meter tsunami, then I am afraid that this will probably -- ahem -- blow up in their faces.

I certainly don't have any favorite charity and, in my impoverished state, would not even presume to recommend your contributing to the myriad "worthy causes" that spring up during crises like these. Somehow, we keep getting our heart stings tugged by the professional guilt merchants who panhandle outside the Stater Brothers' or Ralph's. You get a $5.00 candy bar and some kid in Sendai gets a bottle of water.

I know the Japanese people; they are tough, disciplined, and will survive this. We devastated them in WWII and they came back to build the third largest economy in the world. No natural resources; only ingenuity, guts, and hard work. Someone told me once that, "It's no shame getting knocked down. The only shame is not getting back up afterward."

If you have a favorite charity, then give by all means. But prayers and keeping them in your thoughts don't cost nothin'


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