March 20, 2011

Piss in your shoe..

Remember Animal House? The part at the tribunal where Belushi & Co. utter off-color epithets ("horrrrr-sh*t!") masked as coughs and sneezes?Well, when we had our Tuesday drills in the good ol' USAF ROTC, one of our waggish detachment C/Os would gargle the title of this post in lieu of the standard command, "Pass in review!"

Given the picture above of our Lord High Emperor, Telephone Tommy, this just seemed appropriate as he launches us into a third war against a leader who basically "came to Jesus" after he saw George Bush kick the crap out of Al Queda in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you think I am being hypocritical about this, then you can head to Washington or anyplace that Barry and Big Butt are currently holidaying and demonstrate with Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan and the other anti-war crowd who will no doubt tumultuously be calling for his head.

BY THE WAY: I am "educable" on this matter. I have basically tuned out the so-called Arab Revolution and its significance and welcome instruction.

UPDATE: Now it seems that even the Pantload's beloved mouthpiece news organization, The AP, is getting into the POTUS Nickname Biz:
RIO DE JANEIRO – President Barack Obama played grand tourist to Rio de Janeiro's vivid extremes on Sunday, motorcading from brilliant beaches to a notorious slum even as he monitored U.S. military strikes in faraway Libya.


  1. Just look at that picture. He is wasting away before the world's eyes and that is how the world views the U.S.A.

    His huge miscalculations about being POTUS along with his socialist policies and lies in a country where neither is wanted or welcomed is taking it's toll.

    - An aside that no one seems to have picked-up on concerning his press breifing after the U.N. approved action on Libya; He said basically that it was a burden to put our men and women being we were in Iraq and Afghanistan currently.

    He did not say our men and women IN UNIFORM. That is no faux pas and it is still pissing me off!

  2. Christopher,

    I am not so sure that he wouldn't be averse to losing the election in 2012. It will allow him to get down to the serious biz of retirement with all the perks accruing to POTUS. If you think you are seeing him a lot now, imagine how nauseating he will be when he can go into "Full Carter Second-Guessing Mode" in when out of office.

    We can only pray that he is humiliated when voted out.M

    Whether faux paus or intentional, this clown bumbles his way through his days in office as a supreme embarrassment.