April 28, 2011

End of an era..

..or is CBS Evening News just sagging through to the end of its latest sorry chapter?

Seems Ms Perky Titz is signing off and riding into the sunset and is going to be replaced by..

 ..actually, who gives a flying crap anyway? It's just a chance for me to show some gratuitous chick parading around in her u-trou and get warmed up for the 17 months' campaign ahead to flush the First Turd after a mighty sabbatical.

I'll waste your time later with the details of my time off and the reasons for same -- or, maybe I won't -- but for now, Couric's leaving heralds my return. So, let's give her a rousing sendoff:



  1. I'm glad to see you back on the air.

  2. Thanks you both. To borrow two quotes from famous Viet Nam films: "I had to flush my headgear out" and "Oh man, the bullshit was/is piling up so fast, you need wings to stay above it."