August 31, 2009

Avast! Can ye not see him? It's the White Whale, boys!

Ed Morrissey, the tireless commentator over at Hot Air breaks the day's news with this startling bulletin on The Chief Pantload's Rasmussen numbers:
If Barack Obama thought he could ride sympathy over the death of Ted Kennedy to new support for his legislative agenda, the latest Rasmussen polling will throw cold water on that hope. Overall approval for Obama has now reached 46%, with 53% disapproving. Strong disapproval now comes within five points of overall approval, almost within the margin of error.
Several thoughts come to mind, principally, that this is indeed rich! And so-o-o-o-o appropriate considering “Dead Ted’s” downfall — his “underwater index” — came about because he..ahem..left someone under water.

Cj, over at The Illustrated Conservative has a terrific entry on Kennedy and second on what a free pass this guy got for all of his indiscretions. Pay particular attention to the chronicle of actions after Kennedy abandoned Mary Jo Kopechne in his submerged Oldsmobile. Also, a must-read is this searing 1990 GQ article.'s not that we don't like this guy, it's just that we feel that he ought to check out with all of the baggage he has been carrying over the years.


  1. Wanted to comment, but my eyes are stingin' from that Ted Kennedy Hooters pic.

  2. Captain Ahab: "Sleep? That bed is a coffin, and those are winding sheets. I do not sleep, I die."

    "'s the White Whale, boys! Do ye not see him?"