August 28, 2009

So long Teddy; We hardly knew ye..

While the episode at Chappaquiddick is being talked up as a tragedy for this last knight of Camelot -- sans the more sordid details -- one should remember that this fat tub of goo was engaged in a veritable lifetime of drinking, debauchery, spousal abuse, and general indulgence in what he thought was accrued to his posiition, power, and station as a member of the Kennedy clan.

(Note that these sources are your typical, right-wing conservative whack-job outlets: ABC and Time Magazine.)

I am surprised that no fond rememberance of that infamous pub-crawling incident with his nephew, William Kennedy Smith, where the old coot almost got caught in a rape charge except by testifying that he was too inebriated to remember anything. Of course, the Kennedy lawyers got the little trouser-snake acquitted.


  1. Oh, man - that pic is soooooo wrong. Things that cannot be unseen.

  2. Think this is bad? Visit Ms S. Weasel's tour de force on Teddy's Scuba School.