August 26, 2009

Ten for Tark!

Hugh Hewitt suggests a very good way to drive a stake through the heart of the Health care Reform Bill -- or whatever the Chief Pantload and his crowd is calling it these days -- is to contribute $10 to Danny Tarkanian's senate campaign. It seems that Danny -- son of former CSULB, UNLV, and Fresno State head basketball coach -- announced his run as one of the Republican candidates for the Reid's U.S. senate seat in November.

..already, he is 11% up on that sack of crap in a recent Mason-Dixon poll 49% to 38% ~~ and that is only after announcing on 10 August.

Republican state chairwoman Sue Lowden is also up over Reid by 5% in the same poll.

There's a lot of brave words from Reid's people, as noted in this Fox News article but a number of e-mails from us to Reid's camp should throw a lot of ice-water on his thoughts of re-election.

Besides, action like this seems like a natural extension for those of us who attended the Tea Parties and Town Halls to voice our displeasure with recalcitrant representatives. Identifying and targeting vulnerable members of congress and contributing to their opponents might just put the fear of God into them. We have seen that, when the Town Hall meetings became animated, how many members either scurried behind the shelds iof telephones, teleconferencing, or pay-to-play breakfasts meeting.

Fine, they don't want to talk to us, I am sure a steady flow of money into the coffers of their rivals will get their attention.

The link to contribute your sawbuck to Danny is here. The link to let Harry know you're pissed is here. And drop Hugh Hewitt a line at this address -- -- and be sure to and attach a copy of your receipt so Hugh kows you're on board.

UPDATE: Someone has set up a web site that makes this as easy to do as 1-2-3.

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