August 24, 2009

Battle Scars

My son has become U. S. Marine (more later) and I am justifiably proud. But before he went off to MCRD San Diego, he passed along one of those window decals that accrue from the military's attempt to eliminate buyer's remorse among recruits and their parents: a Globe-and-Anchor decal of encircled with the motto "Proud Parent of a U.S. Marine". So, me being a decal man, I was beset with the problem of where on the back of my Jeep to put it. Lessee, there's right-to-left, the Gadsden flag, the 'Murrican flag, my USAF Auxiliary decal, my Strategic Air Command Decal, and my "W'04" decal.

That's it. I am flat-assed out of room on the rear window.

So, being a man of priorities, I reasoned that the "W'04" sticker had served long and well since we put Kerry and his menopausal, billionaire wife out to pasture over five years ago. It had borne the brunt of battle long after the leftist, statist, idiots actually entertained putting that black-hat wearin', Cambodian intrudin', reportin' fr duty spoutin' idiot, and his tonsorially-obsessed, philandering, tort lawyer running mate made a run at the White House and the Naval Observatory.

It was -- like many honorable insignia in this nation's history -- due an honorable retirement. Now, I can hear the groans from conservative and BDS-afflicted leftist alike out there, but I respond to both.

To the conservative who did not like Bush because he was -- well, not really a conservative -- I say he did have his faults, but lack of humility and inability to hold down the job of POTUS were not among them. The Pantload-in-Chief and Mrs. Pantload have more than demonstrated why class and grace are integral parts of the job requirements. Also, the ability to hire mature and knowledgeable grown-ups to run the affairs of this country sure helps a lot. Consider (*gasp*) Colin Powell and Condelezza Rice and compare them to the Clinton Broad and Eric Holder. Not convinced? Throw in the cadre of cabinet appointees that limboed under the ethics bar after "mis-underestimating" the vagaries of TurboTaxx® or whether is it correct to hire that Filipina with questionable documentation. So, how many czars did Bush appoint anyway?

To the liberals with terminal BDS, I merely respond: suck rocks! I do not give a frosted crap what you think. You're boy is in charge now. So how's that working out for you?

Anyway, the sticker now resides in the pantheon of symbols that mark the episodes of my life: my diploma from UCLA, my commissioning certificate in the USAF, my promotion letters through Captain, my DD-214, my Extra Class amateur radio license, pictures of my wedding, pictures of children and my grandchildren, and the like. All aged -- as am I -- and all scarred milestones. This symbol represents to me a reminder of an important couple of quadrennials in my life: the last time grown-ups ran this country.

But it has been replaced by something that I honor much more: my son has become a man among men. He has taken up arms in defence of this country -- at a time when it arguably needs is most -- and it is important because it lets others know how tremendously proud of him I am.


  1. God Bless your son and I wish to thank him for his service to our country. And I see you were in the Air Force, so thank you for your service, too.

  2. From both of us, thank you, ma'am. You are too kind.

    He just qualified expert with the M-16 and got a good MOS/specialty: opto-electronics and missile targeting repair. It's a 33-week course in Maryland with some serious academics.

    It's amazing how smart your kids turn out to be, isn't it?