August 9, 2009

Get out the Right Guard..

O.K., it'll disappear soon. It's over on the right...just over there. No, not the picture, dummy! That's a wonderful reworking done of the infamous (racist?) Obama-as-The-Joker poster done by Cj over at The Illustrated Conservative.

No, it's Ralph Alter's PJM post entitled "Six Months of B.O.", it is a must-read, and it is uproariously funny!
These mopes don’t even bother to pretend to read the confiscatory legislation cooked up by their staffers and the lobbyists attached to them at the wrist and ankle. Listening to Henry Waxman (D-Lusus Naturae) placating the Algorian lemmings on cap and trade or lip-synching Obama’s health care rationing anthem while admitting the absurdity of trying to read these legislative boondoggles reminds me of Woody Allen’s character in Annie Hall:
I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in 20 minutes. It involves Russia.
Unfortunately, the rest of Obama’s agenda seems to be about Russia as well. Barackski has already empowered more czars than the Romanovs and has just broomed the auto czar who helped broker the government-assisted bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler. I guess (hat tip to comic Bob Zany) Obama just loves that new czar smell.
It goes on and on, but the scary thing is that, just this past week, I was talking to my beautiful bride, Mrs Войска ПВО, about this very subject. Back in 1993, we were both diagnosed with a progressively terminal case of Clinton Derangement Syndrome and have been consumed by it ever since..

..since, well, the Boy King appeared on the scene. And then we actually did start longing for those "old days" when our biggest worry was bimbo eruptions and semen-stained dresses.

What I want to know is, how did Mr Alter break into my house and do a Vilcan Mind-meld on me when I was sleeping?

(Usual disclaimer, you don't like it, buzz off back to HuffPo, old son.)

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  1. "Impostor" works as well for me as does "socialism"