August 9, 2009

Ken Gladney and Crispus Attucks

Kenneth Gladney went to a town hall demonstration last week for the purpose (of among other things) selling conservative materials to the folks who would be there. In the process of selling the Gadsden ("Don't Tread on Me") Flags, he was accosted by a member of the SEIU goon squad and beaten up.It's all over the internet and the details aren't going to be rehashed here.

But I'd like to offer a comparison to Crispus Attucks who was a man of mixed-race ancestry who was among the first casualties of the American Revolution, being killed at the Boston Massacre. The significance is basically that it was there that the British first stepped in it big time. Several colonists were killed when the British fired upon the people of Boston who mercilessly taunted them. Those people were enshrined as martyrs to the cause and it all went progressively South from there (emphasis added).

At the time, Attucks attracted no special attention because of his race, but in the years since then, he has been elevated to a status beyod the other casualties.
He has been frequently named as the first martyr of the American Revolution and is the only Boston Massacre victim whose name is commonly remembered. He is regarded as an important and inspirational figure in American history.

Little is known for certain about Attucks beyond his involvement in the massacre. Fragmentary evidence suggests that he may have been of African American and Native American ancestry. In the early 19th century, as the Abolitionist movement gained momentum in Boston, Attucks was lauded as an example of a black American who played a heroic role in the history of the United States. Because Crispus Attucks may also have had Wampanoag ancestors, his story also holds special significance for many Native Americans.
Well, it would seem that The Boy King and his coterie of Chicago goons have done it this time. Sure, Kenneth was not killed, he was only roughed up a little. But Mr Gladney has retained counsel and he is a lwyer who is not afraid to speak up.

So, this ain't going to go away anytime soon.

And, yeah, my language may be way over the top and, yeah, maybe Gladney should get over it, and yeah, maybe we on the right are being wimps over this incident.

But there are three points to be made: (1) This is a slippery slope here and being roughed up is a start. What's next? Another Kent State? (2) The left have been pulling this "ummmm, I'm telling mom on you" crap for years. It's lovely to see this bravo sierra being shovelled back at them for once. And (3) It's my blog. If you don't like my verbiage, then tough titty.

Go crap in someone else's sandbox.

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