November 14, 2019

The Lying, Flailing, Commie Grandma..

This is one of those irrational laments where I need to get something off my chest.

The more I see Elizabeth Warren, the more I despise her.

It is not a rational hatred. She reminds me of my cousin who lives in Connecticut and always affects that smarmy, condescending, pretentious psuedo-soothing voice wherein she reassures people that things will be perfectly all right -- if only they follow her advice to the letter of the law and without deviation.

Of course, her advice is always supremely fucked up and without merit. Anyone following her are like -- what's that line from Macbeth? -- "fools light their ways to dusty death".

Now, to be perfectly fair, I do not hate my cousin more than I have Elizabeth Warren for, you see, my cousin has no direct control of my life and she cannot fuck it up.

Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, the grandmother who probably smells like urine locked in an over-soaked Depends™ and mothballs and last night's liver and onions with her monumentally wrong-headed ideas on economics and social justice and "equality or outcome" can fuck up my life -- and yours, and yours over there, and yours up there in Billings, Montanna, and yours out there in Prescott, Arizona and, in fact, all of yours everywhere in this great land of ours.

She can fuck it up for all of us because she's an entitled elitist moron who has never done anything in her life except cheat at getting a big bucks job teaching (sorry, I meant spewing misinformation) to the mush heads attending smug sanctuary that specializes in brainwashing, Harvard University.

But I hate Elizabeth Warren because she is such an abject phony. (And this is where I get really, really illogical.) Like all of the people who lament Trump being elected: I lament the prospect of this cunt making it to the White House for any other reason than her being hired as a toilet attendant.

SO, as she continues to rant and rail and flail, I expect to overcome my rational dislike of her and post more here about her implausible economics and hair-brained theories and proposals.

Mean time, let's just let the cranky old bitch flail.

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