November 5, 2019

The Coming Warren Wagon Train Massacre

Why does one increasingly think that Elizabeth "Chief Shitting Bull" Warren has that "old grandmother smell" about her. A friend of mine characterized it as the distilled aroma of urine-soaked Depends™ and moth balls. She is now being touted as the leader as Biden -- the Bidens, in fact -- are becoming mired in Ukrainian and Chinese stink and Bernie can only do one rally per day unless he wants to televise additional ones from a cardiac unit. Also, Warren's pathetic math skills based on her Medicare For All plan are causing the questions to mount up on the campaign trail against implausible answers. You know, like that bumbling drapes and blinds salesman who shows up for the evening appointment, gives one of those rambling presentations that have you just begging for the bottom line so you can hustle him out of the house and then he tells you that the blinds will cost $36,000 for a house that sells for $250,000 on the going market.

And yesterday, for example, her pathetic "Meme Team" rollout, adds to the perception that she is a profoundly moronic candidate. You know, like Hillary only without the vivacious, sparkling personality!

For example, her razor crack team of razor crack whip smart hip and internet savvy people coined the phrase "Warren's Wagons" as a rejoinder to the "Trump Train". Not only does it evoke stodgy, archaic 19th century images of a decidedly inferior method of conveyance (even in comparison to a train), it conflates her campaign with the famous frontier Warren Wagon Train Raid -- a confrontation between whites and American Indian savages.

We are two full months before the Iowa caucuses and already the wheels appear to be coming off.

Have you submitted your "meme" today? I would but I gotta go grab me a beer! Hoot!

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