November 4, 2019

..and how clueless is Kamelnoze?

Check this out, from Charlie Kirk.

Given the state of her campaign, this is just redolent with schadenfreude! for example, here she is just after she was hulled below the waterline by Tulsi the Grabber in the first or second Dem debate:

Now Stephen Kruiser over at PJM is reeling her in with these delicious observations.

Not much more I can add except a small sigh of relief because -- a ton of months ago -- I thought she would be THE big threat to Donald Trump being from California and a so-called "woman of color" and all that. I mean cshe checked all the boxes: skin, plumbing, etc. But, mercifully, she proved to be tone-deaf and, as many have observed, particularly maladroit at politics.

I sincerely hope that this is the political death knell and that this mean, conniving broad is challenged for her Senate seat next time. I will probably work my ass off for her opponent even if it is Kevin "Ghost Gun" De Leon!

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