November 19, 2019

Impeachment: check your calendars, do the math..

The Schiff Show has been subjected to all kinds of public opinion surverys and while these surveys, polls, and focus groups report results that seem intuitive -- that the show will not play in Peoria -- I believe the real drama is yet to come. This is not referring to the IG or the AG reports/cases, it refers to how the Senate will handle the impeachment trial if and when it is turned lover to them.

By some accounts, the final inquiry report -- the "Schiff Clown Show" report -- will be worked on during the Congressional Thanksgiving recess. The vote on impeachment is said to take place before the end of the year and, if there is a vote to impeach from the House, The Senate will get the matter in the first week of 2020. McTurtle and others say that the actual trial will take six to eight weeks.

Looking at my calendar and consulting the list of Dem candidates, I am forced to conclude that four candidates - Klobuchar, Warren, Sanders, and Booker will be required to spend their time devoted to the trial -- it is, after all, "jury duty" for them -- and they will be effectively constrained from campaigning.

Six weeks will cover the first two primaries and eight weeks may deliver them at the front stoop of Super Tuesday.

In Texas Hold 'Em parlance, not only the flop but the turn as well and even the river.. in shit creek without a paddle!

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