November 1, 2019

So Beto[ff] couldn't take the heat..

That sack o' shit soi boi from El Paso has ridden off into the sunset, he's dropped out, he's become an ex-candidate! Certainly took that self-absorbed little trouser snake enough time what with burning though other people's money and showing videos of him at various hygiene appointments (tonsorial and dental) -- like we really gave a shit.

Anyway, It seems that there's a video floating around of a recent visit that this simpering little faery made to Sandy Hook, Connecticut where he was talking about how it was imperative that the government to buy back all our guns and other similar shit. So this lady -- Rebecca Carnes -- gets in his face big time and probably shriveled his manhood up to the size of a pipe cleaner with her invective.

The article is over on Daily Caller and the tweet containing the video is below. It is a real treasure!


By the way, while we are on the subject of that asshole whose testicles never dropped, juts thought youse guys might like to know that -- as of this writing -- you can STILL go over to his campaign site and contribute to his campaign? I had been checking throughout the day and thought maybe it was just an oversight but, after nine hours or so, there's no announcement and the contribute buttons still work. (Although I did not consummate any transactions.)

So this guy could be still sucking in dough from the vapor heads who think he's still running?

Wouldn't put it past the festering pile of pig after birth!

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