March 26, 2018

GWP Item: Well, no shit, Sherlock!

You all know that I was dumped by GWP twice (Exile on Main Street and Outside the Gateway Once More) and, while I am not exactly bitter about that, I do not exactly swoon over Jim Hoft's efforts all the time. All though I must candidly admit to going over there to get a different perspective on the latest Dem screw-up.

But some of the articles tend to run towards the menopausal and are not exactly put together in a coherent fashion. And ofttimes the headlines are pure click-bait that a promise Dem catastrophe but are nothing more than remote innuendo.

Anyway, enough of the gratuitous trashing of GWP. Now for a gratuitous demonstration of how sometimes unsubstantial a post of theirs may be. Take this item:

It is an example of a thin gruel argument posted as a "fact" through a series of pictures and text. Firstly, it alleges that the March for your Lives escapade this past Saturday was partially funded by the DNC. Well, that's the "No shit, Sherlock" aspect of it because the Dems have nothing to run on except people's hatred of Donald Trump. Of course, this might be pretty feeble what with the fattened paychecks and lower taxes from the recently passed income tax changes, the employment picture becoming decidedly rosy, and folks' IRAs becoming bigger. So it is logical that they will grasp at anything to create issues to divide us.

It's what they do.

But the evidence that GWP uses to support this pearl-clutching headline is a cadged together sequence of events that, while not implausible, is certainly not an earth-rocking exposition. Consider the following excerpts from their post:

In the above, they ameliorate their headline claim of the DNC funding the march to imply that the march was funded by outside groups including the DNC. Again, I would be shocked if some DNC money did not get leaked to the organizers of this past Saturday'a DC gun-grabbing shit show.

But they add links to Everytown for Gun Safety and ActBlue (you look 'em up, I am not going to give them clicks) and imply that someone scrubbed the March For Our Lives Wiki entry where it says Everytown for Gun Safety is a DNC organ.

Well, the problem with this assertion is that anyone can edit Wiki and take a screen shot before the Lords of Wiki set things right again. (I have done this on several occasions and have received stern warnings from those folks that I would be denied the "privilege" of editing Wiki for the rest of my natural life. So fucking what? They will then have to live without the $3 donation I slip them every odd decade.)

Anyway, the folks over on Reddit caught on to this plenty damn quick!

Now, this is not to go all Little Green Footballs on GWP just because they sacked  my ass and I cannot comment on their precious blog because some menopausal moderators took umbrage with a remark I made. It is more to the point that the Left is clanking up so badly these days and so strung out on their hatred of Donald Trump and the "new new right" that logic and common sense have abandoned them. The Left offer up so many "gimmes" that you do not have to stretch things just to make them look like fools.

To be clear, I am a fan of Jim Hoft and think he did some really important work in unraveling the lies and media bullshit surrounding the fetid, festering pile of pig of afterbirth that was the Clinton campaign in 2016 and the success of Donald Trump's first term. Key to this was Jim's running spreadsheets showing attendance at Trump rallies versus the anemic turnouts at Clinton's. His folks also uncovered the embarrassing staged photos to make Hillary rallies seem more attended than they really were. Also, when Trump became president, Hoft ran similar schedules of unemployment and stock market success pointing out how the media was ignoring this and covering the fact that the president woke up with a hangnail on his ring finger or some other extraneous bullshit.

It's just that I just don't like to see efforts like that based on fact cheapened with other posts relying on fractured logic, innuendo, and gossip.

C'mon, Jim, you're better than that!

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