March 11, 2018

This Justin..

I know this is mercilessly late to the dance and an evil ripoff of the post over at The People' Cube, but I gotta roll around in the schadenfreude JUST ONE MORE TIME!

The pretentious little faery who runs that country up to the North of us made a huge fool of himself during a recent visit to India on what was allegedly an effort to seal a "billion dollar trade deal" between Canada and India. During the course of that, Mr Politically Correct engaged in weapons grade cultural appropriation and generally embarrassed the hearty folks who harvest lumber up in the freezing wilderness.

When the little trouser snake  blew into Inja's Sunny Climes he and his clan were fully decked out like The Rajah of Rinsewater and family. Here are some acerbic tidbits from The People's Cube and other places about this screamingly pretentious asshole.

What a fucking horse's ass. This is the same guy who presumed to lecture his countrymen persons on how to referr to humankind.

(It should not go uncommented that the little simp girl who was talking to Prime Minister Frilly Panties was nothing special herself, by the way!)

Of course, Paul Jospeh Watson deconstructed the farce that Canada has become.

..all this reminds me of the infamous Monty Python sketch.

I will leave it there. Trudeau turns my stomach!

No,wait! One last little tidbit! That billion dollar trade deal with India? well it turns out that it was Canada giving India $750 billions and them getting $250 billions!

So, I guess the Indians bent the little faery over an had their way with him, didn't they? 

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