January 28, 2018

Outside the Gateway once more..

Well, once more, I have become an Exile on Main Street by being manned over at The Gateway Pundit.

Frankly, this is getting a little annoying! Just a week ago, I got a PM from Jim Hoft saying I was reinstated and was "good to go!" (his words) and then, seemingly after two posts this past Saturday, I am on double secret probation again.

I can only lay this to the fact that Jim's moderators (morning shift) are either experiencing their periods And need a healthy dose of Midol™ or they got up on the wrong side of the bed. Or, maybe they just got up! At any rate, I fired off this letter telling him about how I felt and that he need not worry about my darkening his doorway ..er..Gateway again!

Too many blogs, too little time to worry about screechy mods.

With the greatest of respect, I cannot figure out your moderators' standards. Once having been reinstated, I am now banned [yet] again and, frankly, weary of the fluctuating metrics. Below are two removed posts that preceded my banning. Perhaps the topmost was because of the word "shit" in the comment? I can only speculate. But I am all at sea on the bottom one -- unless someone out there in St Louis actually thought that Councilman Salcido lived on Dork Street and I was DOXing him?


Dork? Salcido? Salcido is a Dork and he therefore probably lives on Dork Street?

(Salcido does NOT live on Dork Street, by the way.)

My original banning was over a comment about Melania Trump (a woman whom I have the highest regard for; a woman of poise, grace, and intellect who speaks five languages and, more importantly, knows when to keep her mouth shut, unlike her fucking stevedore-armed predecessor) wherein I offered to fly to whatever city she was visiting if only to get a polite smooch from her. Obvious self-deprecating satire.

Anyway, I am done with visiting TGP as there are too many intangible rules to figure out in order to avoid double-secret probation. Other good blogs cater to those of us who are reasonable conservative yet are angry and defiant about the encroachments made on society and our lives by incessant onslaughts of the left. Some do not tightly hold the reigns on one's language, some do. My "hometown" blog, Sparta Reports, says it best:

"If it will get you thrown out of most bars, it will get you thrown out of here."

Out here in Southern California I can go into most bars (and we're not talking about Hell's Angels establishments in 'Berdoo) and say "shit" and mention that Salcido is so fucked up in his disrespect of the USMC that he probably lives on Dork Street -- which happens to be a street in Pico Rivera, California. I will not be asked to leave.

But, before I go, some modicum of praise is in order: thank you for the great work you did during Donald Trump's election campaign. Your analysis was a tour de force and you were one of the first to point out how desultory and anemic Clinton's campaign really was. If there is one answer to her book's question "What Happened?" then I would point her to your spreadsheets on comparative rally sizes, et seq.

Good bye. It's been real yet byzantine.

The War Planner
Orange County, California
(Just down the road from Pico Rivera)

..anyway, there's always Scooter over at Big hairy News!

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