March 25, 2018

Some final thoughts as Little Shit Hogg disappears in the rearview..

With the timer counting down on this little ass crack's fifteen minutes..

..I had a couple of thoughts. Firstly, after all is said and done, there will be 2-10 million more ARs in gun safes around the country.

And, secondly, I yearn for the days when the left's villains were real villains (even the women) and were down with the Second Amendment right to keep and bear..

Cinque and the Symbionese Liberation Army prior to the fateful East L.A. Barbecue
Nowadays, we square off against this:

Shit, any of the SLA women could take these faggot fucks -- and that includes Patty Hearst!

POSTSCRIPT: for those not familiar with the cluster fuck that was the The Symbionese Liberation -- those folks behind the Patty Hearst kidnapping -- the Wiki on them is both informative and interesting. As I said above, at least these dickheads sported more testosterone than their current-day faery counterparts. Fer shure.

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