March 24, 2018

The heartbreaking words you will not hear at today's Hoggfest..

I told myself I wasn't going to write about this but here goes anyway.

While the news and liberals revel in their latest Paul Wellstone virtue-signalling Festival of the Hogg, Mr Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack, and Junior Parkland HS survivor Kyle Kashuv, reflect on the events that brought irredeemable tragedy into their lives.

This is absolutely searing! My heart bleeds for this parent! Mr Pollack has been dead on and rock steady with his message. He refuses to be exploited by either side. However, it is apparent that Mr Pollack is sickened and has been turned away from very much sympathy towards the crisis actors like Hogg and his CNN puppet masters.

That little shit, Hogg? Yes, this is how bad that guy is:

..and, of course, it's produced by the BBC and, of course, they have disabled the comments.

Hogg is a whiny little bitch, becoming supremely annoying, and his fifteen minutes of fame are rapidly running out. Patience for his hectoring is wearing thin. This is clearly becoming a Paul Wellstone moment for the left that they are overplaying badly. The blowback will be mighty.

UPDATE: True to form, Mr Pollack and his son, Meadow's brother, Hunter Pollack, were not asked to appear. In fact, Hunter was dis-invited.

Like the disabled comments, anything to distract form their message does not see the light of day!

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