September 22, 2017

Something you should know..

I posted the fact below (somewhere) that I was a life-long fan of the San Francisco 49ers -- but not any more. I dumped those assholes because they did not dump that spoilt asshole with the pubic hair glued to his face IMMEDIATELY when he disrespected the flag and the country. For the record, I subscribe to what President has to say on the subject:

Frankly, while I would respect an owner who did that, the NFL is pretty much dead to me. Again, as I wrote before, mostly because of this crap but also because I rediscovered how wonderful fresh, crisp Fall days are where you can spend time with yourself and/or your family outside walking or talking or just mowing the goddam lawn. No beer commercials, no over-hyped color commentators and panels and sportscasters blowing the trivial acts of 22 'roided-up egomaniacs on some artificial battle ground somewhere.

Naw, mate, those free fall Sundays are too rich an experience to give up now.

(Although, I do root in the sports pages for the New England Patriots to rip the skin off and shit on their opponents because Brady and the coach like Trump. But that's about it.)

Which brings me to something you should know if you did not already: Glen Coffee, a real hero!

For clarity, here's Glen Coffee's Wiki entry:

Professional career
San Francisco 49ers
Coffee was drafted in the third round of the 2009 NFL Draft with the 74th overall pick by the San Francisco 49ers. He was used primarily as a backup to Pro Bowl running back Frank Gore.

After attending OTAs minicamp, and two weeks of training camp, Coffee abruptly announced on August 13 that he would retire just before the start of the 2010 NFL preseason. Head coach Mike Singletary stated that sixth round draft pick Anthony Dixon and veteran Michael Robinson would compete for the second running back spot and that Coffee's departure would not be a distraction to the team. However, on August 16, the 49ers signed free agent veteran Brian Westbrook as the backup running back to a one-year deal. The 49ers could move to recoup $621,000 of Coffee's $828,000 signing bonus.

Coffee planned to return to the University of Alabama to finish his degree in consumer affairs, with an eye towards graduate school. Coffee confirmed that the reason he retired was that his heart was never in football and that he believed God wanted him to take another path.

On April 21, 2017, Coffee was officially reinstated by the NFL and was subsequently released by the San Francisco 49ers who still owned his player rights. Coffee announced his intentions to play in The Spring League Showcase on July 15, 2017.

Military service
Coffee subsequently enlisted in the U.S. Army in February 2013 to become a paratrooper.

..nuff said.

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