September 2, 2017

Melania Versus The Mooch..

Well, it's truly astounding how the press just keeps stepping all over their dicks as they parade their sheer, unadulterated hypocrisy around. This is never more evident than the constant pounding they attempt to give the current First Lady versus the previous one.

Of late, they excoriated Melania because she wore her trademark high heels down to Texas to visit with Donald Trump. (See the post I made several days ago below.) Instigator of this fit of the vapors was alleged Vogue fashion maven Lynn Yaeger who was quoted as saying, “No, Melania Trump, You Cannot Wear Those Shoes to a Flood Zone”. So, here's this grand wizardress of haute couture who supposedly hands down her imperious fashion dictums from on high; brace yourselves, she's a real piece of work:

My only comments -- after picking myself up off the floor -- are wondering how one can apply lipstick with a 75-watt soldering iron and what GoodWill store does she shop at? I would hasten to add that she must be transgender (but I am not certain male creature she migrated from to the feminine gender).

So here's the breathtaking part: they no sooner the regain consciousness from their hyperventilation from excoriating Melania than they shift gears and gush all over about the stevedore who dwelt in the "house that slaves built" and planted rhubarb on the front lawn and dragged that mangy animal all over the grounds so he could take a crap. (Here I refer to "Boo" the dog, not Barack, the Lawn Jockey POTUS!)

Seems that the Former First Wookie has taken to wearing a skirt that is slit up to her hairy armpits and now that sartorial appurtenance is the last word in fashion.

Dunno, lads and lad-ettes, if this trend continues and gravity and aging being what it is, it won't be long before some photographer has a chance encounter with Da Mooch and she goes down in the rolls of another hall of fame: The Walmartians!

ADD Melania: All of the above said, Melania is at it again. In a virtual flip-off to the media and the Creature From The Green Latrine above on a return trip to Houston, she's taken to her breathtakingly stunning fashion sense and emerged from AF ONE in those marvelous heels and one of her ultra tasteful tasteful shirtdresses - with nary an armpit in sight.

You go, girl!

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