September 1, 2017

Proof Positive that Proof Positive exists..

Since retirement is imminent and I will be escaping the clutches of the paramecium (see below), it is looking like my efforts here will increase. Spare time allows one the sweet liquor of conjuring up ideas and thoughts while engaged in the equally sweet pastimes like building/repairing amateur radios, restoring test equipment (a desperate attempt to hold onto a fleeting past), loading ammunition (an art and science in and of itself), and shooting.

Among the efforts will be returning to blogging here with an eye toward finding fresh venues and leaving behind the old and stale I have been traipsing in for the past three years. An example of the "new" is Proof Positive (above and here) that is run by a gentleman who has possibly one of the more striking banners (above) and some definitely interesting content. And, happily, he seems to by a subscriber to the "Friday" policy of posting absolutely delicious feminine forms for all of us old horn dawgs to enjoy. Looking forward to adding this blog to my normal "daily rounds"..

..starting with Woodsterman, of course. One cannot survive without a daily dose of Odie.

An now a digression into a disjointed ramble: California in what is hoped to be a last-ditch firefight to wrest firearms from the clutches of its citizens, has gone full Nazi and will be forcing us to register AR-15s or similar as "assault weapons". This little phenomenon should eventuate sometime around July or 2018. I am not certain what I shall do about it.

But, I am taking the attitude that the basic element of shooting is the single-shot bolt gun and, to that end, I became infatuated with what is now called "Long Range Shooting" or, to the testosterone-infused neckbeards on You Tube and elsewhere, "Urban Sniping". I will leave it at that except to say that I wish to push out the boundaries of self-reliance of this art by developing ("working up") loads that can get bullets on paper at 300 yards and over. Do not know if I will ever get the opportunity to shoot 1,000 yards, but there it is.

Anyway, back to my main point and that is that the election of Donald Trump by the "normal, average working stiff" has caused such a nervous breakdown among those who either basked in the supreme light of the Magic Negro's weight years or the establishment politicians so used to sucking on the sugar tit of power and money as to paint a surrealistic landscape in which confrontations in armed riots and even civil war are fast becoming a certainty.

The unglued left, so often lecturing us about how that piece of shit Obama was "duly elected" and we'd have to sit down and shut the fuck up while the Light Bringer with his glistening man-boobs systematically dismantled this country on all levels.

But now that the work has turned..not so much. One would be a fool to NOT blog about this and point out the foibles on both the left AND the right.

Which, at length, brings circuitously me to my point.

In the beginning around 2003, after a brief and desperate fling, I settled on a home blog; Ed Morrisey's and Michell Malkin's Hot Air! sometime in 2006 and rode that out until he irritated his members by going NeoCon, middle of the road, and decidedly anti-Trump. (He was GOPe all the way.) The whole thing rocketed apart some two years ago when he adopted FaceBook commenting and let all the Visigoths at the gate in to mingle with we proletariat. The a large chunk of us broke off and formed what was Hot Gas! That later morphed into The Sparta Report where it stands today.

During the election, I found that, in addition to Drudge (who was always full click bait), the keeper of the keys proved to be Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit and Weasel Zippers. These two came out with the stuff you needed to know and had a fairly decent, if not distant, set of commenters.

But, Lordy, this was starting to get narrow and confining so I figured that I would re-expand my horizons and go back to my roots at the same time. I hope to roam around and, if there's anything interest, I look forward to bringing it to my pathetic audience's attention.

That said, I grow weary after having dealt with the Paramecium for the last week. Sack time!

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