September 29, 2017

More: Same Bullshit Different Shovel

This morning, the Denver Broncos came out with this incredible tureen of turd soup:

..and my initial reaction was one of flummoxed, unadulterated cynicism. As one commenter on another blog said, they only now realize they crapped in their beds and now are trying to clean up the sheets. Allow me to elaborate:

..a simpering, whining cry from some people who, after a week of white hot blow back from the people of this country who, to all intents and purposes, pay these dolts' salaries.

"Last week, members of our team.."
A powerful display of unity being approximately 10 percent of the total players on the NFL rosters last Sunday? Your collective strength and resolve could only influence that many? How about the Pittsburgh Steelers who showed their "strength and resolve" by cowering in the locker room like a bunch of shy school girls rather than face the music and contrary to a standing NFL rule regarding player decorum during the playing of the National Anthem?

"Make no mistake - our actions were in no way a protest of the military.."
All citizens, current military, and we veterans -- as a matter of custom, tradition, courtesy, and respect -- stand at attention facing the flag and saluting or with our hands over our hearts -- to show our respect for this country, its flag, and the National Anthem. To kneel, talk idly, do warm-ups, or anything otherwise is disrespectful to this country and those who have served, fought, and even died in her defense.

"We all can do better.."

Don't put this on us! You can certainly do better. If you are motivated by "social justice", then why don't you spend the time you have off from your high-paying job and visit the neighborhoods to help those you feel are unjustly treated? If your grievance is because you believe that too many blacks are killed by police, then why don't you organize a more direct program to involve the police and the "wronged" members your community in a constructive dialog and seek to solve the "inequalities" and problems that exist instead of doing mindless virtue signalling?

Kneeling on Sunday for a minute or so is easy; taking it to the streets and backing your play with action is a lot more difficult.

"It starts with us.."
Not sure who the "us" is, but again, do not try to implicate we common folk to expiate your guilt. Maybe go to the wealthy owners and talk to them how you and they can take some time to do the aforementioned community outreach. A classic example would have been to maybe cancel more than the one pre-season game and help out with the recent flooding from hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Instead of flapping your lips or beating your gums, how about wading into the hip-deep water to help haul out a few of the citizens in Houston or on the coast of Florida?

"Our locker room is a diverse place.."
Like the world we common folk live in isn't?

We all have different values and beliefs yet a majority of us in this country seem to get along. Last November, we elected a man whom we felt could give us a chance to change things for the better. Prior to that, we racists elected a man of color whom we thought would do the same and we arguably tolerated some incredibly divisive comments from that president who sought to divide rather than unite. Yet, a large majority of us remained respectful of the office of the president in the hope that promises would be delivered on. In the latter case, it seems that the opposition is even unwilling to give the same chance and respect and support for the current president.

"Starting Sunday, we'll all be standing together.."
And, finally, I am glad you will all be standing together on Sunday. But you will need to get back to me on how all that millionaire virtue signalling pity party works out as I will not be watching. And do not count on many of us tuning in and watching the NFL either anytime soon.

I can only wrap this up by adding something that Homer Simpson probably said it best:

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